Our lab is focusing on (i) the development of the thermodynamic databases for inorganic materials such as oxides and alloys, (ii) development on the physical property database for inorganic materials, (iii) development of kinetic process simulation models for high temperature pyrometallurgical processes, and (iv) the development of the solidification/diffusion/precipitation model of alloys. We are also performing key experiments to determine the phase diagram and thermodynamic/kinetic properties, and closely collaborate with industrial partners for the improvement of their current materials process, and development of new materials and related processes. Our group is also one of key-development group of the FactSage software and databases (www.factsage.com) which is world-widely used in various materials science and engineering areas.



Comming Up! FactSage Workshop (2020.01.07-2020.01.08)

Date: 2020.01.07 – 2020.01.08

Place: Seoul National University Material Science and Engineering Department (서울시 관악구 관악로 1)

Maximum Capacity: 80 people (40 – Alloy Design / 40 – Pyrometallurgy)

Contents: please refer to the Info/Registration file below

Registration Due Date: 2019. 12. 18


FactSageWorkshop-2020 Info


Overview of Thermodynamics


FactSage Workshop – Slides and Examples